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at first I intended to write here .net, i.e. spoken „dotnet“, but then I thought it would be too much of specific classifying because according to the initial intention I should have chosen to use the abbreviation com or .com, spoken „dotcom“ which from now on will accompany my net-domain, this because my showings will have as a primary aim the com-munication. on top of it I saw myself ever so caught in the network of computer-animated linguistic affiinity that I found the term net translated as „network“ as absolutely distinguishing for this timidity of mine in admiring speechlessness.

clicking on the image-link below opens my weblog poesis & crisis  to read, view, but also to communicate, because not only here can you initiate any comments on the various posts on the blog itself, but also directly here on the website to this art-blog in the general artspace.


blog "poesis & crisis"