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by nature we are generally curious - and in addition we grew up influenced by our widespread medial society, with the urge not to miss out on any of the latest news, this just so that we do not lose track of any development. the question arises: is it not obvious that with the constantly increasing flow of information we more and more run the risk of missing access to ourselves and thus also to the very next IRL besides us in the most genuine appreciation?

2018 IOAF - AsianACS



1st International Ocean Art Festival

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KONTERFEI / LIKENESS - portrait art


a painter's experiment to counteract in traditional academic manner via social media (the artist at the same time simultaneously affected by all those other profiles, selfies, snapshots, portraits etc there are constantly spreading out)

a virtual physiognomy of a certain personality.


here you see two exemplary shots:


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un rêveur de jour et de nuit en pèlerinage / a night & day dreamer on pilgrimage / ein tag- & nachttraeumer auf pilgerschaft

acrylics & pannonian sand on canvas, 100 x 80 cm




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acrylics & pannonian sand on paper, 56 x 42 cm

Andreas Roseneder © 2018


was ist ein "Kleinrichter"? : Kluarichta

                                       Wolfgang Weisgram





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The Asian Federation of Arts Culture and Sciences (AsianACS) announces that this piece of watercolour work painted on the Greek island Zakynthos will be displayed under 103 other works of contemporary artists at THE 2018 INTERNATIONAL OCEAN ART FESTIVAL , 11. - 14. october 2018 at the Culture and Arts Promotion Agency (Culture and Arts Center), Jeju, Korea / 제주특별자치도 문화예술진흥원(문예회관) / 韓國濟州文化藝術振興院(文藝會館)



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Read more …



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aH!-dyn#3, acrylics on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, Andreas Roseneder

© 2007


After the paint work aH!-dyn#1 already graces a book cover  now aH!-dyn#3 from the 2009-anniversary series for the exhibition HAYDN RELOADED at Esterhàzy Palace in Fertöd, Hungary, was selected as illustrative theme on the jacket cover for the book THE CAMBRIDGE HAYDN ENZYCLOPEDIA, co-edited by the Cambridge University Press, Canada, with the Cambridge University Press, UK, forthseeing publication 2019:






aH!-dyn#1 - MAKING LIGHT

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aH!-dyn#1, acrylics on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, Andreas Roseneder

© 2007


September 2017

The paint work aH!-dyn #1 from the 2009-anniversary series for the exhibition HAYDN RELOADED at Esterhàzy Palace in Fertöd, Hungary, was selected as illustrative theme on the book cover of Raymond Knapp´s next publication "Making Light: Haydn, Musical Camp, and the Long Shadow of German Idealism", edited by The Duke University Press, North Carolina, USA - available february 2018, more information about the book & the author:




DER DIE SEE - Andreas Roseneder & Anita Leser

then, when I saw, I took the flow of a stream to reach the water´s lake, the sea and all the turmoils that might have had the watered power to spoil my earthly presence.

Andreas Roseneder, July 2013


Die gemeinsame Ausstellung DER DIE SEE von Anita Leser & Andreas Roseneder vereint schon im Titel - mit Anspielung auf das aktuell grassierende gendering in der öffentlichen Sprache - nicht nur die verschiedenartigen Zugänge von Mann & Frau auf dem Gebiet der Malerei & bildenden Kunst. Auch die Orte der Entstehung der Werke des Malers & der Malerin werden damit bezeichnet: Die Gestade der See, des Meeres auf der Ionischen Insel Zakynthos & die Ufer des Burgenländischen Neusiedler Sees dienten Anita Leser & Andreas Roseneder diesen Sommer als Freiluftateliers. Die dabei entstandenen Werke sind nun vom 30. August bis 6. Oktober 2013 im Kremayrhaus / Stadtmuseum Rust zu sehen.


Ausstellung "DER DIE SEE" Andreas Roseneder & Anita Leser

Ort: Kremayr- Haus, Rust

Vernissage: 30. August 2013, 19:00 Uhr

Eröffnung: Bgm. Mag. Gerold Stagl, Rust

über die Künstler spricht Dr. Günter Unger, Kunstkritiker

Ausstellungsdauer: 30. Aug. - 6. Okt 2013

Öffnungszeiten Kremayrhaus: Donnerstag bis Sonntag von 14:00 bis 18:00 Uhr



 with Andreas Roseneder

watercolour painting course

Summer Academy Greece

18 June - 9 July 2013

one appearance in never viewed light, a brilliant idea or even a vision? - And what does not appear at first glance to be the easiest and best suited for pouring it in a few minutes through the brush in water diluted colour onto paper? - The watercolour technique! - In implementation, it often proves to be more difficult though, whether fully concentrated or rather spontaneously, composed or lightly, - but yet to guide the brush surely. Zante is the place where everything seems to get discharged at great ease: the special light typical for the Ionian islands, the lovely breeze from the sea and your own happy easy-going way will help you to achieve transmitting your dreams on paper in just a magical way.

I'm with you.


more about: SIMPLY AQUA


for further information & booking: SOAK

ART is feminine. About the right spur of the moment.

As an artist you are very pleased when noticing  that someone takes on to deal with your artistic ambitions and activities, raises  questions, draws conclusions, and in this context – all while pursuing to mold and advance the artist biographically - discovers relative correlations and connexions.


To see life and work as indivisible – and further, apart from compleasant affirmations, unreflected -  this mode of life can in the worst-case scenario, transport the creative towards an almost skizophrenic  state. - here of course companions are highly welcome who pave a new way of reading and interpreting one's own aspirations, opening it not only for oneself, but also for others!


maskarons at the "vinson"


the mask as a substitute for the countenance, as camouflage, the hidden face, as a caricature of facial expressions, the facial physiognomy and feature. - all this I found in the inner courtyard of the  Esterházy castle in Eisenstadt, specifically incorporated in the so-called makarons, attached to baroque architectural elements as grotesque quotations. While at work for the exhibition HAYDN RELOADED for the Esterházy castle at Fertöd, Hungary, the discovery of this portrait-ensemble offered me the basis for my research on Joseph Haydn's contemporaries


the works (french vinyl colours on paper laminated on polyurethane plates) can be seen until the end of April 2012, at the vinson - the wine bar in the park of the Castle Hetzendorf, Hetzendorfer Strasse 79a, 1120 VIENNA


map vinson - – the paintings can be seen already – new ones with vernissage/party in May 2012 in the park of the castle!


me myself mask I  - vinyl on canvas

from German lands


Upon invitation by  the author A.J.Weigoni & the Edition Das Labor – Verlag der Artisten, Andreas Roseneder under cover as René Desor,  writes for the first time for a German blog:


Cultural notes. Cross-border artIQlations



first blog post about the miniature paintings of Austrian artist Adolf Tuma to read here:

post . WERT : [zeichen] / post . VALUE : [sign]

second blog post about the Cosmopolitan Garden in Eisenstadt:

1001 Utopia


"UnderCover" at the Kunstverein, Linz am Rheintor: Zurueck auf Anfang / Back to the beginning by Matthias Hagedorn

SOAK 2012


2. February 2012:

-16 (!) degrees outside here right now ... it really makes you dream of sunny Zante in the summertime - this year the acrylic painting class in my accompaniment takes place from 10.7. - 31.7. More details are here on the website of the Summer Academy, Greece, Vassilikos on the island of Zakynthos:


pAIN´T? with Andreas Roseneder



Zakynthos in February 2012 – at the moment not yet attracting sun-addicts...



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tl_files/images/newsletter/garten_fertig 015.jpg tl_files/images/newsletter/garten_fertig 033.jpg



















as a politician, I would say that with this oeuvre, a junction between art, culture, economy, as well as industry has been achieved.


as a scientist, I would draw general attention to the ambivalent relation between economy and ecology.


as an artist, I very much emphasize the aesthetic synergics of artistic as well as cultural, industrial and agricultural trendsettings by man.


as a painter, I see the four industry steel-towers in the background appear as colour-tubes from which the polyethylene-patches get squashed out just like purple colourspots onto the landscape-palette, at places toned with white, so that the colour of the lavender which has been planted beneath them, is met. 


as a gardener and landscape-architect, I take care to emphasize the colour-scheme of synthetic objects by opposing them with white and violet lavender plants, i.e. arranging the violet plants beneath the white objects and the white plants beneath the violet ones in such a sympathetic way so that two years from now the plant rows in blossom, will appear from some distance like toned paintbrush-strokes set alike by the colour-seeking painter.


as a farmer, I‘m living it, my hands in Pannonian earth, am touching, raking, crumbling, and watering it, coming to know this particular terrene setup which can rapidly change within just a few meters and thus accordingly let grow plants differently, freeing the soft lavender-kids from rankly grown field bindweed and cross-sprouted plume thistle, a way to become acquainted with every single plant.


as a poet, I see in this miraculously growing project, a homage to the French Provence impressionist ‘en plein air‘ painting of the nineteenth century, and I await at any moment the ghostly appearance of the painters Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, intending to initiate a battle in expressionist manner which will then lead into the twentieth century. 


& finally as a contemporary at the beginning twenty-first century, I have just a few months ago, simply told the initiators of the Cosmopolitan Garden at the Europahaus Burgenland:


„I’ll throw the shadow of the four towers over there!“




Opening Ceremony: Monday, 20 June 2011, 19:00 hours

Location: Cosmopolitan Garden of the Europahaus Burgenland, Campus 2, 7000 Eisenstadt (map)



next event in the Cosmopolitan Garden:

ONE BLUE SKY ABOVE US - Songs From Many Worlds of One Earth

Conducting: Anne Tscharmann

Saturday, 3 September 2011, 16:00 hours




Andreas Roseneder: Hellenic sunShell
"Hellenic sunShell"


Galery  ‚KunstReich‘  GesundheitsRessort Bad Tatzmannsdorf


thursday, 28 april 2011 until wednesday, 22 june 2011


Andreas Roseneder shows the latest works on his "patches" in polyethylene plastic material (a poetical label for industrial "masterbatches"), their newest stage of development as so called "art blossoms" in the herbarium & the acrylic series   AntiFourni  painted in 2010 on Greek island Ikaria on lids of oil-barrels - right at the heart of the rotunda of the galery


more about: poesis & crisis / Interference of Realities

SOAK 2011 : einMALeins

course instructor: Andreas Roseneder

the SOAK-catalogue is published, the dates for the courses 2011 at the Greek Summer Academy can be already found online. Andreas Rosender will hold this year from 19 july to 9 august a course in acrylic painting entiteled "einMALeins" - "onePAINTone´s"

! worth to be seen: Dieter Schreiner´s atmospheric video he cut from his camerashots participating SOAK 2010:

video by Dieter Schreiner:

video by Dieter Schreiner, SOAK 2010

author Uli Brée writes in "motomobil" about e-biking at SOAK-summerstage

Uli Brée: Griechischer Strom / motomobil
Griechischer Strom - Greek Current

UNDERCOVER - or: the smell of oil

working undercover for Tridays 2011

highly motivated and with great passion Andreas Roseneder works presently in oil on canvas for the TRIDAYS, the world's biggest Triumph-motorcycles-meeting (22000 visitors this year!) which will take place from 23 to 26 June 2011 in the town of ‘Neukirchen‘  at the Austrian Mt. Grossvenediger - the town will present itself to the fans of the British bikes as 'Newchurch'.

TRIDAYS 2011 run under the motto 'undercover'.

Scenario-writer and Triumph-freak Uli Brée has urged Andreas Roseneder to paint the 'undercover'-cover. To enable work on it and to raise a cycle of oilpaintings and printing techniques (bridgestone battlax tyre-profiles) for an exhibition on the subject, a stable was adapted which offers the required space and volume.

The 'undercover'-cover is already visible in the web, precisely in the header of the TRIDAYS-website:


link: TRIDAYS 

Franz Liszt´ konterfei als synästhetisches antlitz & handfingerspiel

Reminiszenz an das Liszt-Jahr 2011 im Eisenstädter Rathaus

Andreas Roseneder, derzeit im Rathaus Eisenstadt noch bis 18. Februar 2011 mit seiner Ausstellung „Aqua – simply watercolors?“ vertreten, überließ gestern Eisenstadts Bürgermeisterin Andrea Fraunschiel die Wahl: Sie konnte sich aus dem „Liszt-Oevre“ des Künstlers 2 repräsentative Bilder, Symbole für das Lisztjahr 2011, aussuchen. Die Wahl fiel auf die Bilder „Portrait Franz Liszt, Henri Lehmann 1839 reloaded“ aus dem Jahr 2008 und „HandFingerSpiel I“ aus dem Jahr 2010.


Andreas Roseneder hat sich in seiner künstlerischen Arbeit der letzten Jahre immer wieder mit Franz Liszt beschäftigt, die thematischen Zugänge bzw. Auslöser waren verschiedene. Beide Kunstwerke werden nun ganzjährig die Rathausbesucher an das Liszt- Jubiläumsjahr 2011 erinnern.
„Eisenstadt feiert heuer mit dem ganzen Burgenland den 200. Geburtstag von Franz Liszt mit herausragenden Konzerten, Ausstellungen und Projekten, die allesamt das gigantische Oeuvre des Komponisten und Dirigenten zum Thema haben. Auch Andreas Roseneder hat sich in seiner „Reise zwischen den Künsten“ mit dem Jahresthema eingehend beschäftigt. Auf für mich ganz spezielle Wiese überträgt er die Musik des Klaviervirtuosen mit dem Pinsel auf die Leinwand, die Kompositionen werden optisch zum Leben erweckt. Das beeindruckende Ergebnis dieses Experiments hat uns Andreas Roseneder dankenswerter Weise als Leihgabe zur Verfügung gestellt und somit allen Eisenstädtern im Rathaus zugänglich gemacht“, freut sich Bürgermeisterin Andrea Fraunschiel.

eingeboren & freigelassen

als eingeborenem im pannonischen raum der sechziger & siebziger wurde mir - wie vielen anderen auch - die musik Franz Liszt´ nicht vorgespielt, man musste Raiding passieren, um vorm Eisernen Vorhang zu hoeren: HIER ist SEIN geburtshaus. Das geburtshaus seines kollegen Josph Haydn in Rohrau war bei autofahrten immer praesenter, vielleicht weil meine eltern dort öfter vorbeifuhren, Raiding war doch eher abgelegen: praedestiniert fuer einen geheimtipp.

... weiterlesen


ANDREAS ROSENEDER: AQUA – simply watercolours?

Andreas Roseneder "eclair floral"
"eclair floral"

rathausgalerie Eisenstadt - townhall galery Eisenstadt
opening/vernissage: 30 september 2010

this exhibition can be visited until 21. feber 2011 during townhall opening hours


In this exhibition Andreas Roseneder shows for the first time his new annual cycle seasonal aggregates I/II/III/IV. The visitor will enjoy big-sized aquarelles which the artist created using the seasonally different states of aggregate of water used as as dissolvent, alike the state of the floral appearance of his immediate surroundings: „weather took part in the creation, I paint not only in summer’s mid-day heat but also with ice“ comments the artist who while at work often exposes himself unprotectedly to the elements.

water body portrait image

performance aquarelle (Andreas Roseneder) and video (Daniel Eselböck)

long night of the museums  2 oktober 2010, townhall Eisenstadt, at 19oo and 21oo hours

within the frame of the ‚long night of the museums‘ the painter Andreas Roseneder while actually at work, exposes himself and his body to the spectators‘ eyes. Daniel Eselböck will use his video-eye to catch the movements of the artist and project them on screen which will thus show Andreas Roseneder in front of the audience as a ‚moving model‘ for aquarelle on paper. The so-created 2 water body portrait images  will expand the exhibition AQUA-simply watercolours? and can be seen as of 12 October 2010.

Summer-Academy Greece

course: Painting with Andreas Roseneder

time: 10 to 31 August 2010


This year –after a 5-years‘ break- Andreas Roseneder will again take on to lead painting classes for acrylics on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, for more information click on:

Summeracademy Greece

images of his 2005 stay: Last meal, a video by Elisabeth Höbartner on the rhythmic dance-picturesque pas-de-deux Axel Litschke/Andreas Roseneder can be viewed here:


I‘ll temporarily open my atelier:

motto:  patchWORKS - work and effects in the garden

time: 3 July 2010 as of 1600 hours

place:      place of work & garden at my home domizil


I shall introduce to the visitor-connoisseur my latest works with applied techniques, in the space of my nature-garden and under the light of the open air.

with free love & soul spirit by Moorhof / Vinarte from St. Margarethen in Burgenland

attention! – only when good weather allows!


Aquarelles competition Museum LEOPOLD

The watercolours painting „Eselsweg“(donkey’s path) by Andreas Roseneder was included in the exhibition "Die Meister von morgen" (masters of tomorrow) within the frame of the running show ‚Verborgene Schätze der Österreichischen Aquarellmalerei‘ (‚hidden treasures of Austrian Aquarelles‘) – presentation by Leopold Museum, Vienna.


20 May to 28 June 2010


Leopold Museum
MuseumsQuartier Wien
1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1
Tel +43.1.525 70-1507


Weihnachtsausstellung der Galerie Infeld

Andreas Roseneder "croatian madonna"

Zdenka Infeld lädt zur bereits Tradition gewordenen Weihnachtsausstellung der Galerie Infeld. Andreas Roseneder zeigt in dieser Gemeinschaftsausstellung die neuesten Patches aus seiner Portraitserie sowie Bilder aus seinem Oeuvre.

Am Wochenende Sa. 5.12 und So. 6.12.2009, an dem die Ausstellung von 11.00 bis 18.00 geöffnet ist, sind auch Künstler anwesend.

Galerie Infeld, Haus der Kultur
A-7131 Halbturn, Parkstr. 13
5. Dezember bis 20. Dezember 2009
Geschlossen: 21.12.09-25.03.09
Öffnungszeiten: Do bis So und Feiertage, 13.00 bis 18.00 Uhr
Voranmeldung 02172/20123

Literaturproject "delete it"

Andreas Roseneder "textkeime"

Mit seinem Text "delete it" nimmt Andreas Roseneder am Projekt des Literaturhaus Mattersburg namens "Schriftbilder" als Autor teil.
Autoren und Autorinnen mit Bezug zum Burgenland an ihren Lieblings- und Schreibplätzen werden in einer kontinuierlich wachsenden Porträt-Sammlung im Literaturhaus Mattersburg gezeigt.
Portraitfotos von Hans Wetzelsdorfer, ergänzt durch biografische Angaben und kurze literarische Kostproben:


link (extern):
"Schriftbilder"-Portrait Andreas Roseneder im Literaturhaus Mattersburg, online


Esterhazy Fertöd


Andreas Roseneder "Haydn reloaded"
auf Schloss Esterháza (Ungarn)

8. Aug. - 6. Sept. 09 -
!!! verlängert bis 27. September!!!

Die Ergebnisse Andreas Roseneder's mehrjähriger künstlerischer Auseinandersetzung mit Joseph Haydn - ein zeitgenössischer Blick durch vielfältige moderne Medien & Techniken der bildenden Kunst auf das musikalische Genie, den Menschen und seine Inspiration, präsentiert am Originalschauplatz:
auf Schloss Esterháza, im ungarischen Fertöd (auch ob seiner Pracht "das ungarische Versailles" genannt), wo Joseph Haydn viele Jahre gelebt und gearbeitet hat.

Schloss Esterháza, Fertöd - google map

link: www.mag.hu

YOUng ART: artists inspire young art


Kunstprojekt "Künstlergalerie"
Projektleitung: Andreas Roseneder

YOUng ART: artists inspire young art
alte meister inspirieren zu junger kunst

Ein Projekt mit SchülerInnen der Volksschule Achau in Kooperation mit der Cretacolor-Akademie

Termine: Februar - Juni 2009