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what is a patch?

what I decided to call patch, prepared from synthetic colour-production wastes, has proven to be an ideally suitable substage for my creative ideas. The starting point is a masterBatches producing industrial machine: I can interfere in its production process while cleaning and can pull out samples which I can form according to my needs, aiming at a picturesque understanding of polymeres  like acrylics or vinyl-colours away from plain surface into discovering a third dimension. & by selected positioning in space and explicite illumination this effect can be even more increased.

the house patches

the initial fixing on interior walls of the first patches was not too satisfying, they simply looked too traditional. Hence I mounted them for the first exhibitions onto iron poles so to freely move and place them in space and garden. Latest patches though seem suitable for mounting them on outer walls, close to the roof where they thus seem to hang in suspense under the open sky; besides the sunlight in its changing daylight and change of seasons proves perfect for a differentiated game of refraction of luminiscence of those interference-acrylic colours with which I have partly painted them.

rhizome & patches

„…trees have tired us. We must not believe in trees any longer, in big and small roots, we have suffered enough from them. The entire trees-culture was built on them, from biology to linguistics. Solely subterranean sprouts are beautiful, political and can fall in love…“

free translation, original text by Gilles Deleuze / Félix Guattari: Rhizom , Merve Verlag Berlin 1976


„…searching for the missing link between ancestral genuine thinking and the aerial roots of our yearnings, the castle in the air of our dreams, a connexion between our organic genuine root with the man-made chemical reaction to an earthfree ideal existence, I have again and again screened the woods and compost, the factory and wastes: in order to confirm that art is the practical connecting link  - at least in temporary chyme with the slogan: solve et coagula…“ 


in addition to these philosophic contemplations the following bloglink at poesis & crisis takes you to view photographs of my search-pathes: